11 Cheap Foods to Boost Gut Health and Immunity


turmericWhat if you just felt happier all the time?

There is a clear connection between gut health and mood.

Much of our serotonin, a feel good brain neurotransmitter is made in the gut.

Today we share 11 inexpensive foods that can boost gut health and might give a happiness boost as well. Drew Canole shares with us in this video.

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11 Cheap Foods to Boost Gut Health

  1. Water Kefir, Drew says it has given him a huge increase in mental clarity.
  2. Coconut oil, goes good in smoothies and is the only oil I use for cooking, as it is heat stable.
  3. Sauerkraut, only if it is raw with live cultures. Look for it on the label.
  4. kimchiKimchi, I picked up a jar of this just the other day, great stuff, again contains healthy probiotic bacteria.
  5. Glutamine, a nutritional supplement known for healing the gut lining. Glutamine is an essential amino acid, a component of protein.
  6. women faceMCT oil, – medium chain triglycerides. Provides long term energy.
  7. Aloevera, this stuff is growing like crazy in my back yard.
  8. Bone broth, love this stuff!
  9. Omega 3 fatty acids
  10. Green juice
  11. Kombuchu, look for this probiotic drink in health food stores, or learn how to make it yourself.



One of the problems I hear people complaining about all the time is the cost of health food. Let’s face it, organic food is generally more expensive that conventional foods.

It’s all too easy to spend your entire paycheck at the health food store, trying to be healthy.

green juiceWe try to offer creative ideas for eating healthy without breaking the bank.

With the rising cost of health care, it is wise to focus your dollars on prevention. The food budget is a great place to start.

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.
– Hippocrates


Drew CanoleSpecial thanks to Drew Canole for the awesome video!

Eat healthy, Live Healthy, Stay Healthy!



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