7 Foods that Improve Digestion


Improve DigestionHere is a quick list of 7 foods that help digestion.

The better you break down protein, fats and carbs, the more nutrition you can get out of your food.

Not to mention that improved digestion can reduce things like gas, bloating and indigestion. Check out the short video and the list below.

7 Foods that Improve Digestion.

Digestion has been compared to a fire. Once food enters the stomach, acids, bile and enzymes do their thing to break the food down into amino acids, fatty acids, starches, and sugars. The term “digestive fire” has been used In Ayurvedic herbalism for a long time. (Agni – is the term they used, it means digestive fire.)

  • Raw foods contain enzymes, like leafy greens
  • Pineapple contains bromelain, which helps break down food
  • Animal protein (high quality like grass fed beef, free range eggs)
  • Bitter and astringent foods lemon and ginger
  • Artichokes and sunchokes
  • Watercress and Swiss chard
  • Black tea, kiwi and coffee

Note: is you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid the black tea and coffee.

I like to include a generous portion of raw foods at every meal. Between 50-80% raw food works well for me.

Pineapples go good in smoothies and also Pina Coladas .

If you follow the principles of proper food combining (also said to help digestion) one would eat the pineapple before a meal and give it a few minutes to digest, before eating the main meal. According to food combining proponents, fruit should be eaten by itself, on an empty stomach, never combined with other foods. I follow food combining principles sometimes, but not all the time, because it can be too much to think about and restrictive.

I focus on eating quality foods, relaxing while eating (which means not stressing about what you are eating, or how you are eating it)




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