Boost Brain Power with a Simple Exercise


Boost Brain PowerPeople say this makes them smarter.

There are loads of anecdotal reports, saying this simple movement helps brain function, balances left and right hemispheres of the brain and can even assist kids with autism and ADD.

It is a combination of yoga, cross lateral movement, and acupressure (a form of acupuncture, without the needles). This is so simple almost anyone can do it, anytime or anyplace.

A Quick Brain Pick Me Up!

Super Brain Yoga

super brain yoga docsuper brain yoga docOne doctor is prescribing Super Brain Yoga to his patients.

This is a super simple exercise that just takes a couple minutes per day.

The instructions are below. Please share this with all your friends and anyone else who might want a brain boost.

Here is how to do Super Brain Yoga

  • Grab your left earlobe with your right hand, then your right earlobe with your left hand.
  • As you inhale squat down, bending your knees.
  • Exhale as you stand back up.
  • Continue for 2-3 minutes.

I would love to know if you feel any smarter, or more focused after doing this exercise. I just did a few reps while writing this post.

Here is another videos that gives more instructions and info about the brain.

She gives step by step instructions on how to do this “Super Brain Yoga”.


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