A Healthy Lymphatic System Drains Acid, Dr. Robert Young lecture, 7 of 7


Dr Young LectureA healthy flowing lymphatic system helps to remove acids from the body.

This can help restore pH balance in the body.

Dr Young talks about the lymphatic system in this video, and how important it is to our health

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Dr. Robert Young’s lecture in
Omaha Nebraska- 7 of 7


He mentions lymphatic massage which is great. My favorite way of helping the lymphatic system is bouncing on a mini-trampoline.

Dr Young also talks about the emotions and health. Stress can clearly push the body in an acidic direction.
We don’t have a heart attack, Dr Young says, but literally a thought attack. I have read elsewhere that heart attacks are most common on Monday mornings, when people dread going back to a job they hate or is very stressful.

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