Thinner, Healthier and More Energetic


IMAGEALTSimple way to visualize yourself thinner, happier, healthier and more perfect than ever is right here.

Getting under the hood of your mindset can make all the difference for some people. Thing is, many folks know what to do, – which foods are healthy, what exercises to do, etc.

BUT, they struggle with actually doing it. They become frustrated because they know they should be eating better, but they constantly struggle with binge eating, junk food festivals, and poor dietary choices.

Meditation can help access the subconscious mind to create real life transformation.

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Meditation Video, Boosts Mindset

Today I am sharing a meditation video that I practice often myself. Many days, even before I get out of bed in the morning, I put on the headphones and listen to this meditation. For starters, the relaxation helps to balance the pH in my body better than any alkaline food choice,  or alkalizing supplement.

I often don’t even listen to the entire meditation. 10-15 minutes is plenty of time.

Garlic ChivesHere is where the magic happens. The sound frequencies coming through the headphones promote a meditative state in my brain, enhancing the natural alpha and theta brainwaves. Those are the brainwaves associated with relaxation, positive brain benefits and deep meditation. It is kind of like a shortcut to a deep meditative experience.

When I am done listening to the music I slide the headphones off and visualize a few positive affirmations in my mind.

A Few Positive Affirmations

  • I am vibrantly healthy
  • I have awesome relationships
  • I am financially prosperous
  • I help people become vibrantly healthy
  • I enjoy exercising and being in shape
  • I make healthy food choices
  • I am at my ideal weight

You get the idea. You can create your own affirmations to fit your own life. You will be amazed at the results, as I have been.

The key is to say the affirmations, as if, THEY ARE ALREADY TRUE, in the PRESENT MOMENT. Avoid language like, I want to, I need to, I am going to. Speak with faith and claim your new reality now.


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