Alkaline Balance – Athletes and performance


 Green Athletes — pH balancing is not only for those who are sick or have a chronic illness.Alkalizing can  increase athletic performance, building stamina and muscle as well as providing pure energy.  

In The summer of 2002 Stu Mittleman ran from San Diego to New York City in 56 days.

(Equal to running two marathons every day)

He did all powered by alkaline foods, appropriate supplements, and a daily green drink.

 Gymnast also report improvements using the alkaline diet and pH balancing systems.

One reported increase in strength and endurance, longer practice time, and most of all, less time in recovery After workouts.

See The pH miracle page 67 – By Robert O Young PH.D.

A good friend of mine, Frank Morgan likes to run marathons. He reports much less soreness and stiffness, when he drinks lots of alkaline water on a daily basis.  


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