Alkaline Diet : Live On CBS News — Is Your Health At Risk?

Alkaline Diet
Alkaline Diet

The pH Miracle is about changing lives and saving lives.

A new idea and theory.

One disease, one sickness, one treatment.

How we feel has a lot to do with balancing our internal terrain.

Dr Young and his wife Shelley, are two of the most trusted alkaline diet experts alive today.


Alkaline Diet :
Live On CBS News

The cells of the human body are only as healthy as the fluids they are bathed in. As a kid I had a large fish tank. I can related to him metaphor of the fish. If the fish get sick, it makes more sense to change the water. Often the fish become sick if the water quality is poor, improper pH, dirty or a build up of bad bacteria.

Paying attention to the pH of the body fluids is a first step towards vibrant health. I like to test my pH on a regular basis. More importantly I focus on eating lotsĀ  healthy alkaline vegetables, fruits and other goodies.

Dr Young is one natural healer, I really look up to. He is an original vibrant health thinker. Don’t accept normal, upgrade your vitality.

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