A Way Better Alternative to Diet Soda


Better than diet sodaMost people know that drinking sodas can make you fat.

Many turn to diet sodas thinking they are a good weight loss option.

The studies mentioned in this video say that may not be the case.

Besides that, I personally do not like to put any artificial sweeteners in my body. They are generally acidic. Read below to see a recipe that is a way better option in my opinion.

ABC News: Can Diet Soda Make You Fat?

Tasty Drink Recipe

  • Purified water
  • Good size slice of lime or lemon
  • Half a pack of stevia

This is a real simple recipe. Simply squeeze a good size slice of lemon or lime into a glass of pure water. About half a packet of stevia should be enough. Add more or less to taste. If you really are craving that “fizzy” taste you could use club soda, but that makes it much more acidic –  Still a better option than soda. Sometimes we just need to take a step toward better health and ween ourselves off the bad stuff.

Stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from a plant. Many people think of lemons ore limes as being “acidic”. Actually they are alkaline forming in the body. Here is the reasoning; they do contain a very mild acid, that the body is able to easily eliminate. What is left behind is some alkaline minerals. So once processed by the body, lemons and limes are alkaline.


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