Are You Psycho Because You Eat Health Food? Nutrition Mental Illness, Orthorexia


Nutrition Mental IllnessThere is now a new mental disorder.

Obsessing over healthfood.

Is this a ploy by the powers that be to discredit healthy eating or do people really get stressed about health food.  I would love to hear your opinion on this video.

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Nutrition is Mental Illness!! Orthorexia Better Body Austin

Are you stressing out over health food?
Eating Healthy is awesome, but sometimes the stress it causes
can be counter-productive.

I know from personal experience that eating healthy can sometimes be stressful. You seem to be going against the flow of what everyone else is doing. But then again, everyone else is getting fatter, sicker and more tired. What I am trying to do is feel better, have more energy and live a long healthy life.

Have you ever gone into a restaurant, looked at the menu and thought to yourself, there is nothing healthy on this menu? Or you feel embarrassed because you have to make a special request to get some food that is acceptable to someone who is health conscious.

If you have a spouse, or other family members who are not into health food it can be challenging. I know that first hand.

Please chime in using the comment box below, would love to hear your story!


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