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Skin healthHave you ever read the ingredients on skin and beauty products at your local store?

The list of chemicals will make your head spin.

Did you know that most of the stuff you rub on your skin gets absorbed into your body?

This video shares with us some great information on the aloe vera plant. If you get an aloe plant or two to grow at home, you can get an almost  unlimited supply of natural skin care for very little cost. You can also pick up aloe leaves at most health food stores at very low cost. You can even grow this plant indoors near a window.

Aloe Vera Body Mask For Super Soft & Smooth Skin! Ep81

The great thing about aloe vera, is that it is all natural and actually provides good stuff for the skin, instead of toxic chemicals.

In this  video, she talks about rubbing aloe all over your whole body. I prefer to just rub it on my hands and face to make my skin softer and help smooth out wrinkles.

She also demonstrates how to fillet an aloe leaf. I just break a leaf, off the plant,  break it open along the edge and rub. I just have to be careful of the prickly spine. It would probably make more sense to cut the prickly spine off first. Once I have rubbed the gel on my skin, I find that I can get more out of it by scraping the inside of the plant with my fingernails.

Aloe is full of nutrients, anti-oxidants and is anti-inflammatory.

  • The weather will be warming up soon and people will be getting out in the sun. It is the prime season for sunburn. Try to avoid getting burned in the first place, but if you do, rub some aloe on the burn to help speed healing.
  • People traditionally have used aloe for any type of burn. Many people have an aloe plant on the kitchen window, in case of a burn while cooking.

Growing Aloe

The aloe vera plant is easy to grow at home. Yo don’t even need a yard, It can be grown indoors or out. It grows best in a pot. If you live in a cold weather region, you would want to bring it inside in the winter. It is frost sensitive.

Start your aloe plant in a pot with well drained soil. Water it well. Let it dry out just a tad, before watering again. If the soil is continuously wet, the roots may rot.

After a while the plant will produce several offshoots or babies. You can pull the plant out of the pot, gently pull off the babies and plant them in their own pot. Simply add a bit more soil to the mother plant to replace the space where you took out the babies.


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  • March 31, 2014 at 11:54 am

    This is great information for beautiful skin health. I am going to grow some aloe plants this spring.


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