Beautiful Skin, PART TWO


Natural Beauty

There are some innovative and controversial ideas in this video.

Nadine Artemis shares some more great information about skin health.

Here she is talking about the sun and how it relates to our skin health.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what she has to say.

If You Want Beautiful Skin… Do This! PART TWO

Better ways to protect yourself from the sun

  • Wear a hat and clothing that covers sensitive areas
  • Minimize exposure between 10 am and 4 pm when the sun is the strongest
  • Eat antioxidant rich foods like berries, green tea and leafy greens
  • Don’t let yourself burn, if have been inside all winter, don’t spend the first warm sunny weekend at the beach all day lying in the sun. Go at it gradually
  • Get some sun exposure each day, but use common sense to prevent getting burned

The sun is actually good for us as it helps the body produce vitamin D  and possibly other nutrients. Getting some sun exposure each day can be a good thing, whatever you do, don’t overdo it. I suggest doing your own research.


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