Best Exercise for pH Balance


ALKALINEEverybody knows that exercise is good for you.

But what is the best way to exercise to reduce acidity in the body.

Gentle and moderate exercise is the key.

Gentle Spine Twist, Based on Qigong. Keep that Lower Back Healthy

Here is a gentle exercise based on QiGong. It might help people with sore, stiff back muscles.

You want to get blood moving and oxygen flowing. This provides great benefit for the body. Exercising too aggressively can be counter productive. When you over exercise the body produces lactic acid. That is what contributes to the sore muscles after exercising.

Walking, yoga, playing catch, a nice bike ride are all good. One of the big keys is to have fun while moving. An exercise buddy helps with motivation.

Exercise is a great stress reducer. And stress in one of the quickest ways to get the body acidic. So counteract the stress by working it out with some movement. And have fun while doing it.

Jumping on a mini trampoline is a wonderful form of exercise. Put on some upbeat music and have fun with it. It gets the lymph fluid moving in the body. You can workout at whatever intensity is good for you. You don’t have to jump up and down. You can just do some gentle bouncing, where your feet hardly leave the trampoline.

One of my favorite ways to balance my pH is to drink an organic, cleansing herbal tea. It acts as a very gentle colon cleanse and helps to remove toxins from my body.
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