Better Alkaline Lunch


How can I make a more alkaline-forming lunch?

Is there a way to make a  healthier sandwich?

Today I will share with you my favorite alkaline sandwich recipe.

Better Alkaline Lunch

Sandwich Recipe

Start with brown rice bread, almond rice bread is my favorite flavor.

Jeff Yentzer Alkaline LunchI’ve got a little bit of turkey, which came from the health food store. It’s antibiotic-free. A healthier version of turkey, not the typical stuff you get at the grocery store.

Here I’ve got a plate full of vegetables. Some dandelion greens, and of course you can substitute whatever greens you have on hand, whatever greens you like. Get yourself some dark, leafy greens, and a good amount of them.

Also I’ve got here an onion and some nice, fresh tomatoes. Over here for a snack on the side, we have carrots and some celery with nut butter. Now almond butter is my favorite to use on this, but I do use other nut butters from time to time. Experiment for variety.

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Next a little bit of sesame oil here, I’m going to add this onto my brown rice bread, which I have toasted. I like mine toasted, so it’ll taste good that way. Again, a small amount of meat, because you’ll say, hey, the bread and the meat, they’re acid-forming. They’re not alkaline foods. But we’re trying to offset that with a large amount of fresh vegetables.

So it’s balanced. Yes, you’ve got a little bit of acid-forming foods, but hopefully more of the alkaline-forming foods. So I’m going to put a lot of greens on here. We’ll bump up the greens. I like mine with a lot of greens.

We’ll get a couple slices of onion on here, and add  some tomato. We’ll pile it right on here and flip the rice bread right over. Here you go, – A more alkaline-forming lunch.

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