Could This be Gumming Up Your Brain?


Brain ImpairmentWe think of a food sensitivity.
as a gut problem.

You may have heard about how gluten can affect the digestive system.

But Dr. Tom O’Bryan shares with us how gluten can be affecting the brain, with no digestive symptoms whatsoever.

Brain dysfunction is commonly  found along with inflammation.

Hypoperfusion- A lack of blood flow to the brain, is one point he mentions.
This guy is the leading expert on gluten sensitivity you should check out what he has to say.

This is Your Brain on Gluten!

Translational research can take up to 17 years to reach the practicing doctor.  Dr. Tom is trying to speed up the process by sharing information.

Non celiac gluten sensitivity, means problems that can be caused in the body by gluten that are not celiac disease. For example brain fog, skin problems, fatigue and more.

Many neurological problems have inflammation as a driver. Gluten sensitivity can cause issues in the brain, even if a person has no digestive issues, or celiac symptoms.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan has recently been hosting the Gluten Summit. He interviews several of the leading experts about gluten sensitivity, diet and healthy living. Check it out here.

It may be worth avoiding gluten for a trial period to see if it helps with brain fog or mental sluggishness.




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