Calm and Focus Your Mind, Anytime, Anywhere


QiGong MovementHere is a simple tool to enhance brain function, wherever you are.

This moving meditation instantly calms your mind and helps you to focus. It is a great stress reliever.

Today, we have a simple video that teaches the Golden Ball Meditation, QiGong Exercise.

Golden Ball Qigong Exercise

You should feel calm and relaxed doing this movement. It make take a few practice sessions to get the hang of it. At first you  might be focused on “AmI doing it right?” and the mechanics of the movement. Practice a few days in a row, (bookmark this page). After a few days of practice, you will be smooth and flowing and you will find this movement instantly calming.

Since you don’t need any special equipment to do this exercise, it can be done almost anywhere and at anytime. Try it barefoot in your back yard, or if you are lucky enough to live near a beach, do it there.

Daily practice yields the best results. Here is another QiGong movement for you to try.

  • Knees should be slightly bent and soft, like shock absorbers.
  • Start by moving at a natural pace with the breath.
  • After a few minutes, slow the breath down a little bit.

Locating the Dan TienLocate Dan Tien

She mentions the Dan Tien in this video.

It is located just below the navel. It is known as the “Energy Center” of the body.  It is a common focal point for meditative exercises. Focusing on this point, helps to enhance your energy.

The Dantien is thought to be the center of life force energy.

I have been excited about this Golden Ball Meditation, since I learned it last week at a meditation class. We used it as a warm up exercise, before the main meditation.

The one additional thing I learned from the teacher, was how to shift your weight on the heels, as you do this. On each inhale, shift the body weight to the toes, leaning slightly forward. On the exhale, shift weight, back to the heals. This is a gentle rocking motion, as you breath.  You can see her moving this way in the video.



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