Cold Weather Herb Tea


Immune Herb TeaI went to the garden across town and Tina told me about a tea she likes to brew up.

Now it is not that cold here, but most of the nation is much colder here in January.

The tea consists of Rosemary, Lime Basil and Okinawan Spinach. Brew up your own tea.

Immune Boosting Herbal Tea

You can substitute any plants you have available, any kind of Basil would work and you could sub in another green, if you did not have access to Okinawan Spinach.

I like to drink hot beverages in the cooler/colder months. Teas made with fresh or dried herbs are a healthy way to enjoy a warm beverage.

Herbal tea instructions.

  • Put purified water in your tea pot.
  • Add fresh or dried herbs. Substitute any ingredients you have access to and experiment with your own recipes. (if you come up with something really good share in the comment box below.)
  • Warm on a low heat for 15 – 20 minutes. Don’t boil the herbs, it may destroy some of the beneficial properties. Woody herbs and roots sometimes do better when boiled, but most herbs should not be boiled for best results. Check out a book on herbalism for more details.
  • Strain into your mug and enjoy.

Any time of year you can enjoy herb teas. In the summer, let them cool and pour over ice for refreshing ice tea. In the meantime enjoy a nice cup of hot herbal tea.

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