Save Money on Food, Container Garden with Compost and Organic Soil


Container GardenSave money on your food bill by growing your own herbs, fruit and veggies.

And they taste way better, picked fresh off the plant. Much tastier than something that’s been sitting on a store shelf.

This video demonstrates the easiest, most economical way to start a little container garden in the back yard.

Container Garden w/ Compost and Organic Soil


Powered by Food Scraps

compost in pot for herbsA small bin is all you need to start composting. A trash can will work too. Start by throwing in food scraps from fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds etc. Then add yard waste such as grass clipping, leaves and so forth. Keep it damp and stir it up on occasion. Before long you will have wonderful fertile and rich compost. Compost that is perfect for nourishing your plants, which will then nourish your body. The ultimate in recycling.

The Simple Container Garden

sage thyme herbs containerOnce your compost is ready, you can use it in your container garden. Fill each container about halfway with compost. If you have pre started plants, this is the time to put the plant in. Then fill the rest with organic potting soil.

Doing it this way helps to suppress weed growth. If you are using seeds instead of pre started plants, simply plant the seeds in the top layer of potting soil.

Deep it watered up and you are good to go.

If you are just getting started, you could use 100% potting soil while you are waiting for your compost. It may take a month or two for the compost to be ready. Once you get the composting ball rolling, you can have a continuous supply.

Save Money on Your Food Bill

more herbsThis is hands down the best way to save money on your food bill AND get the freshest food possible. – Grow it yourself. It is very satisfying and gives you a good excuse to get outside int the fresh air and sunshine.

Fresh herbs are by far better than the dried herbs you get at the grocery store.

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