Create Balance and Harmony


Body BalanceThe body likes to be balanced anatomically.

In other words, balance between left and right sides, front and back.

Proper balance in the body helps to prevent injury and can help resolve existing issues with pain, stiffness and weakness. Yoga teacher Lillah Schwartz shares with us some great tips for body balance and harmony in this video.

Balance and Harmony in the Body


Yoga is a great exercise for balancing the body. There are a variety of yoga teachers that teach yoga in many different ways. Some teachers put more attention on balance than others.  It can be very helpful to find a good yoga teacher to guide you.

A good yoga practice can be very therapeutic for the body and the mind and emotions as well. It is a good idea to shop around for a good teacher that you resonate with. Look for someone who teaches body balance, alignment and attention to detail, not just someone who whips thru a bunch of yoga poses. You should never feel pain when practicing yoga. Sometimes it may be a little uncomfortable, but it should never be painful, if so back off you are trying too hard or doing something incorrectly. That is where a good teacher can be a goldmine of help and inspiration.

The ideal way to practice for body balance is to do a  pose on one side and then repeat on the other. Or do a small group of related poses on one side and then switch to the other.

It is best to apply balance to all aspects of exercise.

  • Intensity and duration. Exercising too much can be worse than not enough.
  • Cardio – helps keep the heart and lungs in shape
  • Strength training – resistance exercise helps to build muscle. Having more muscle mass helps to burn more calories
  • Stretching helps keep muscles loosened up and supple
  • Recovery is important in between exercise sessions. That is when the body actually builds the muscles back up after a good workout.
  • Have fun with it. Exercise should never feel like a routine or be boring. Mix it up with different ways to be active.
  • Find a workout buddy or join a class. Exercise can be a great opportunity for social interaction which may be just as good for your health as exercise itself.

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