How to Make Dairy Free Vegan Cheese


Vegan CheeseI have been doing some research about how many people might be allergic to dairy and not even know it.

Dairy allergy or sensitivity is not just limited to being lactose intolerant.

So for today, here is a video on how to make dairy free cheese.

The recipe uses nuts as the main ingredient.

Dairy Free Cheese Recipe #804

More info about herbs and cheese together at

Part one show the basic vegan cheese recipe. The second two videos show some variations you can do.These recipes would be great for Holiday parties and get togethers. Part 2 shows how to make a crusted cheese and part 3 shows how to do soft herbed cheese spread.

The lady in the video uses almonds to make the cheese, but other kinds of nuts and seeds can be used as well. A pro-biotic is used for the fermenting process.

Part – 2
How to Make a Hard Raw Vegan Cheese #805

Part – 3
Raw Vegan Dairy Free Herbed Soft Cheese #806


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