Digestive Problems Clear Up on Non GMO Diets


Digestive Problems Clear UpThis is very enlightening.
Check out what Jeffrey Smith has to say about digestive issues and GMOs.

In both humans AND animals a number of digestive and other health issues seem to clear up.

Watch the video and read some of the references below. Do your own research and decide for yourself. We would love to hear your comments in the comment box below.

Digestive Problems Clear Up on Non-GMO Diets!

Here is the list of health problems he rattles off in the beginning of the video:

  • Gastro-Intestinal problems
  • Immune system issues
  • Reproductive problems
  • Accelerated aging
  • Organ damage

Jeffrey SmithNone of these sound good to me. That is why I make it a point to avoid GMO foods as much as possible. A lack of labeling, as well as an occasional trip to a restaurant can make it challenging to avoid GMO foods completely. It takes effort to inform oneself, ask questions and find good sources of food.

Author, Jeffrey Smith has published a few books including; Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette.


Dramatic Health Recoveries Reported
By Patients Who Took Their Doctor’s Advice and Stopped Using GMO Foods
– See more at: http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/dramatic-health-recoveries-reported/#sthash.M1htTh0u.dpuf

To help you eat safer, visit http://www.NonGMOShoppingGuide.com or download the iPhone app ShopNoGMO

For more information about the link between GMOs and autism, see http://www.responsibletechnology.org/autism

Dr. Emily Lindner specializes in internal medicine in Chicago, Illinois.

Study Proves Three Monsanto Corn Varieties’ Noxious to the Organism, http://archive.truthout.org/1215091

Gentically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, http://www.responsibletechnology.org/article-gmo-soy-linked-to-sterility

Canadian Study finds Bt-toxin from Monsanto’s corn circulating in blood of 93% of women tested: http://digitaljournal.com/article/326208

– See more at: http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/dramatic-health-recoveries-reported/#sthash.M1htTh0u.dpuf


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