Lower Your Doctor Bill, Save Money?


Organic FoodWhy would you really want to eat organic?

The lady in this video has a very interesting perspective.

If you you eat healthier food, maybe you will not have to go to the doctor quite so often for nagging health issues.

Makes sense when you look at the big picture. I would love to hear your opinion and experience on this. Are your medical bills higher than your grocery bill? Can that trend be reversed?

Eat Organic Food To Improve Your Health and Save Money

What is better about organic food?

  • The taste, does organic food taste better?
  • No unnatural pesticides, chemicals, herbicides
  • Possible better nutritional value
Beautiful colorful salad
Thanks to Spice Routes for the Beautiful Salad! https://www.facebook.com/spice.routes.1?fref=ts

Upgrade the quality of your food.

What is the food that you eat most often? Switch your most consumed food item to organic.

Laura Klein share with us in this video.She seems to love cheese. Many people are sensitive to dairy products and do better without cheese.

I would love to hear your thoughts on organic food. Please use the comment box below.


2 thoughts on “Lower Your Doctor Bill, Save Money?

  • November 22, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    There is a huge cost difference between some organic foods and non. The biggest I’ve noticed is chicken, HOWEVER, now I just eat less chicken. Instead of twice a week and two big pieces, I eat it every once a week or so and my plate has one smaller piece with more vegetables! The switch automatically translates into eat less quantity but better quality food, therefore getting more nutrition for your dollar. When looking at fruits and veggies, the cost is marginal among some products. pennies even. Apples+ 99cents/lb vs $1.29/lb. Well, I don’t have a family to feed, but I do juice everyday. So, weekly my bill is increased by only 50-80 cents for apples. I have also reduced my coffee and alcohol intake, so now I have all THAT extra money to spend on organic veggies….when I can find them. Definitely start with dairy and meat as they have the most toxins in them from hormones, processing, preservatives, bad feeding practices, and poor animal conditions if they are not organic. Just check out the awful videos on the web for more info.

  • November 22, 2011 at 10:27 am

    LAURA … YOUR info re buying organic for the food you eat the most of ….. yes, cheese for me also…. was excellent suggestion. Don’t get the connection re weight loss directly….. elaborate perhaps?/ EILEEN


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