Dr. Robert Youngs lecture in Omaha, part 4 of 7


LectureDr Young says, As I increase the Green foods and Green drinks, I see transformations that take place in the quality of the blood.

This is observable.

Dr. Robert Young’s lecture in Omaha-
part 4 of 7
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Digested food literally becomes the new blood cells in our body.

  • Light becomes chlorophyll in green plants
  • As we consume greens, digestion creates the building blocks for new blood
  • New blood helps to build new flesh and tissue in the body

The liver is the fastest regenerating organ in the body. It is the first stop in the pathway of new blood.

Dr Young certainly has some unique breakfast ideas, cucumber, broccoli, salads and soups. That is why I start each day with a vegetable blender smoothie. Go Green!

Please share your innovative and healthy breakfast ideas below.


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