Enhance Vitality by Eliminating Acid from the Body


 Eliminate Acid From The BodyIs it possible to actually get younger?

Well no, but feeling younger and having more energy, physically, mentally and Spiritually, certainly is very achievable.

One of the things that helps, is to eliminate toxins and acidity from the body.  This helps to achieve alkaline balance. Having a good balanced pH helps to enhance vitality.

4 Ways To Eliminate Acid From The Body

Dr. Robert O. Young, author of the pH Miracle and several other books,  shares with us 4 ways the body eliminates acid, leading to better pH balance.

4 Ways to Eliminate Acid

  • Respiration, breath out acid in the form of CO2
  • Urination, drink plenty of pure, alkaline water, so the body can flush out acids through the urine.
  • Bowels, almost all holistic health experts agree that at least 3+ bowel movements a day is ideal for good digestive function and elimination. Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber can help. If you are having one bowel movement every 3 days, that would be constipation.
  • Sweat, the body can get rid of acidic waste through the sweat glands. Saunas, steam rooms and exercise can promote sweating and toxin elimination.

I am going to add one more thing to Dr. Young’s list

  • Laughing and having fun. Stress leads to acid build up. In fact nothing  makes us more acid quicker than stress. Laughing and fun are anti-stress strategies for sure. So lighten up a little, tell a joke, or listen to a good one. Smile more often and be light-hearted.

So here is a my favorite acid reduction, youth enhancing strategy – Go to the beach and dance. Bring along some music, or find a drum circle. Ok so most people don’t live near the beach. Sometimes I just get outside with some friends and get some fun exercise. Ride a bike, go for a walk, or toss a football or baseball around.

By doing this, I can activate several  the acid reducing systems. Perspiration, by sweating from the movement, increasing respiration to breath out acidity, and having a lot of fun in the process. And don’t forget drinking a LOT of water.

If you have any acid reducing, youth enhancing tips, please share in the comment box below.




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