Enzyme Balance – Making Light Work of Digestion


Enzyme BalanceDigestion takes a lot of energy.

And if you eat standard American foods, it takes even more energy.

Your body uses enzymes to help break down foods, so you can get the nutrition out of them.

You can eat the most vitamin rich foods in the world, but if you can’t digest and absorb, what good does it do?

Enzyme Balance – Making Light Work of Digestion

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Here are some things I do to help my digestion be more efficient:

  • Eat more raw vegetables and fruits, which are rich in enzymes
  • Chew thoroughly
  • Relax while eating
  • Take digestive enzymes
  • Eat small amounts of fat and protein at each meal
  • Don’t overstuff the stomach, give the digestive system an easy task, instead of overwhelming it
  • Fresh, locally grown, organic vegetables are the best when it comes to enzymes. Anything picked unripe, or shipped long distances, may not be so rich in enzymes.

I always feel more energy when I get myself into “positive enzyme balance”. In other words, I am taking in more enzymes, than my digestive system needs, for the food that I consumed.

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