Everyone Talks About Stress, What Can Really be Done?


Sun SalutesIt is well known that Stress can make your body acidic faster than eating an acidic meal.

So what can you really do to reduce stress, or at least lessen the impact on your life?

Yoga is something that really works for me. I was talking to my yoga teacher after class this past Monday. We both observed how much better we feel after a good yoga class.

Tone Up Your Sun Salutes

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My mind feels much calmer. Not only that, I can actually feel a difference in my body.

SunMovement is one of the best ways to combat stress. When a zebra is stressed by an attacking lion, what does it do? Run! Stress triggers a need for movement in the body.

When the zebra is done running and the lion ate somebody else, then what? He takes a rest.

Yoga combines movement, with deep breathing and relaxation. That is what makes it a great stress solution. It works with that mind-body connection.

There are some other great ways to reduce stress, I will share in upcoming posts. I would love to hear about your favorite stress reduction method. Please use the comment box below.


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