Fire Breathing for Better pH Balance


Breathe of FireHere is a yogic breathing technique that helps to expel more acid from the body.

Did you know that your body has several systems for getting rid of excess acid? These systems work to balance your pH. –
Keeping you healthy and energetic.

Learn the Breath of Fire, breathing technique in this video.

Breathe of Fire

How Your Body Gets Rid of Acid

Sweating, breathing, kidney/urine system and alkaline mineral buffers are all examples.
If you can help these systems work better and more efficiently, you have a better chance of maintaining a healthy pH and having more energy

Each time you exhale, you get rid of some carbon dioxide. This works to remove weak acids from the body – carbonic acid.

This is not hyper-ventilating. To do this right, take a deep breathe, really expand the belly and pull in the navel point on the exhale.

In the video, I give a quick introduction, and HarDarshan gives complete breathe of fire instructions.

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