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Funny VideoWe have talked before about how healthy it is to laugh. It is good for your mood, your immune system and is a great stress reliever.

Sometimes just looking at something differently makes all the difference in the stress level. In other words, looking at things in a lighthearted way. This can shift our experience of the situation dramatically.

This video takes a lighthearted and funny approach to relationship break ups, aka, being “Kicked to the Curb”.

Kicked to the Curb

Sometimes getting out of a relationship that isn’t working can be the best thing to happen, we often don’t see it that way at the time.

Or sometimes, we just need time for healing, a little time away from the situation. After that the relationship ends up being better than ever.
Sometimes we just need to work through stuff, while keeping an upbeat attitude about it all.

Please have a good laugh with this video and spread it around, share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and all over internet land.



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