Gluten Free Brownie Delight


Do you struggle with encouraging your kids to eat healthy food?

They love the junk food and candy, but can’t choke down a vegetable?

Microgreens – Small Size, Big Nutrition

Recipe Variation:
Pea Shoot Microgreens and Blueberries

Microgreens are a great way to add plant based nutrition to a meal or snack. The reason is a small pinch of micros pack a large amount of nutrients. And they generally taste more delicate and sweeter than full grown vegetables. They also tend to have better texture and mouth feel.

“Microgreens Have Up to 40 Times More Vital Nutrients Than Mature Plants”

Start with a gluten free brownie mix, available in most grocery stores. Cut out a brownie and put it in the freezer on a plate for at least 10 minutes to chill. Then pour coconut oil over the top. It should solidify quickly on the chilled brownie.

Next blend some unsweetened coconut into a cup of almond or cashew butter. Spread this on top.

Then top with your favorite microgreen. Sunflower shoots are a classic tasty favorite. I have seen young children munching happily on sunflower shoots. Of course you can sub in any type of microgreen.

Then sprinkle some fruit and nuts on top. Preferably fresh, local and in season fruit when possible. I am a big fan of raw nuts over roasted, and I never eat peanuts. There are many issues with peanuts beyond just peanut allergy. Peanuts are actually legumes and not true nuts at all.

Borage flowers look beautiful atop Sunflower Shoots.

Edible flowers and Microgreens not only make food more nutritious, they add beauty to the plate!


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