Good Smoothie Making Tips


Smoothie tipsAfter a big feast, a smoothie is a great way to lighten the load on the digestive system.

Enzyme rich raw vegetables and fruits are great therapy for overeating.

I gleaned a few smoothie making tips from this video. First blend the leafy green veggies and water first, then add the fruit.

Juiced: The Green Smoothie!

More Smoothie making tips:

  • a 50-50 blend of fruits and vegetables provides a balance of sweetness and good nutrition
  • You don’t have to have a high priced machine like a Vita Mix, regular blenders work too
  • Ginger is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient
  • A slice of lemon with the peel provides essential oils and is good for the skin
  • Smoothies are a delicious way to get more fruits and vegetables in the diet

Many times you can sneak something into a smoothie that you would not normally eat. She says in the video, you won’t even notice the greens are in there. The sweetness of the fruit can cover a lot of other flavors. If you want it even sweeter, try adding stevia. Give it a try and experiment with ingredients. You have nothing to lose but crummy health.



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