Grow Your Own Food, Save a Trip to the Health Food Store


Grow Your Own FoodHere is a plant that is easy to grow and can add flavor to many healthy meals.

Growing your own food can save big dollars at the grocery store, especially the health food store.

While standing in line at the local health food store, I have seen people spend a LOT of money on just a few groceries. I hate to see this happen.

That is why I love to share ideas on how to eat healthy and not spend a lot.

Curry Tree, Is it Really Curry?


Straight from the Herbalist Mouth

Herbalist Bob Linde explains the curry tree. No it’s not the curry you sprinkle on your food. The Indian spice curry is a blend of herbs, one of which is turmeric. Turmeric has been in the news a lot lately for it’s health benefits.
This tree does provide a tasty addition to stir fry dishes and other yummy recipes like Indian curries, soups, dhal and chutney.

This plant is native to India and Sri Lanka. Its leaves are used in many dishes in India,

The tree thrives in tropical right through to Mediterranean and temperate climates. It bears compound leaves and blooms fragrant flowers through spring and summer.
These trees like to grow in full sun, or just a little shade.

How to Grow a Curry  Tree

  1. You can start with seeds or a starter plant bought from a nursery. Seeds will take a lot longer to produce a tree. You can also start from a cutting from another tree if your friend or neightbor has one.
  2. You can plant directly in the ground in warm climates. In colder areas you may want to grow it in a pot that can be kept indoors
  3. Plant likes a lot of light. Plant it where it will get direct sun of only light shade. If planting in a pot inside, it likes to be near a window or on a patio or porch where it can get lots of light.
  4. Curry trees like well drained, slightly acidic soil.
  5. Give it some compost or cow manure for fertilizer.
  6. Let it dry out a little between watering, don’t keep it soaking wet.
  7. Like any good tree it adds oxygen to the air and uses some carbon dioxide.

Enjoy growing and your curry tree and make some tasty meals!

If you find any good recipes using curry tree, please share them here in the comment box below.

Spring is in the air and it’s time to plant some food.

You could even get a little crazy and plant a few of these around the neighborhood, so there is plenty to share!




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