Healing Power of Sound


Sound HealingEven if you are not a musician or singer, you can benefit from the healing power of sound.

Fred Johnson shares one quick tip for easy stress reduction in this video.

You can read the details below. Sound and music are widely used throughout the world for healing and stress reduction.

Stay tuned for more sound healing tips.

Fred Johnson – The Power Of Music

* anybody can use their voice to help create harmony, health and wellness, you do not have to be a singer.

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* if the day gets stressful, stop and take a conscious breath, focus and concentrate on the brow and the crown area of your head as you let out a sound producing sigh that resonates in that area of the head.

* in order¬† to progress in our lives and bring Peace to the world, we have to be in ‘Peace’¬† ourselves…….this happens when we create: the’ triangle of healing’ which is thought, breath and sound. Used together, this triangle of healing creates a balance inside of us, which then promotes our own peace.

* recognize how we treat ourselves……we must treat ourselves as well as we can…..this is our foundation……from this place, we treat the world as wSound Healingell as we treat ourselves….

* we can create a new generation of children that can be a mirror for the love that they hold inside themselves.

* this is how we change the world by changing ourselves first.

Special thanks to: Fred Johnson at Tel Aveev concert

Written by: Sharlene J. Hale.

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