Health Benefits of Gratitude


FlowerBeing thankful is actually good for you.

Gratitude helps to promote happiness and relaxation.

Often changing your attitude, or changing the way you look at things can change the course of your life for the better.

Take time each day to appreciate something you are grateful for, not just on Thanksgiving day.

Holistic Wellness:Transform your life with Radical Gratitude-

Change Your Internal Body Chemistry for the Better with Gratitude Attitude

From reducing the harmful chemicals of cortisol and adrenalin produced by the adrenals under strain and stress, to the blissful chemicals secreted by our brains when we feel grateful, radical gratitude changes the whole trajectory of your life.
Adapting a gratitude attitude shifts perception from criticism to appreciation, boredom to seeing the extraordinary in every day occurrences.
Relationships blossom with renewed affirmation of what is loving and vital.

Dr Herbert Benson, of Harvard, has done extensive research on the Relaxation Response.
Whether through our waking thoughts of gratefulness, or through meditation, prayer, celebration, what leads to overall well-being faster than happiness, which is a by-product of savoring the good in all areas of your life?

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