How I Quit Caffeine


Quit CaffeineEveryone has their faults. For the last few months I really let caffeine get the best of me.

I was drinking those energy drinks and a couple cups of tea on the average day.

I’m not saying caffeine is wrong for everybody. A lot depends on your metabolic type.

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How I Quit Caffeine


Some people can handle a little bit of caffeine. And there is some benefit to the antioxidants in tea and coffee.

If you study some of the “traditional” health practices from around the globe, such as Traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, Ayurveda and others, you will find a common thread, different body types, or constitutions. Bottom line is people are different .

I went to see an acupuncturist a while back. He actually bought me a cup of coffee during our first meeting. So I knew he wasn’t anti-caffeine, like some health enthusiasts are. Then I went to see him for an appointment. He took my pulse, looked at my tongue, did an extensive history, and asked a lot of questions. He said to me, “You must quit caffeine.” It’s just not good for my body type, or metabolism.

So here I am, 13 days later, with no caffeine.

Here are some of the keys to quitting, that I used.

  • Started over a weekend, when not much was going on. I was able to take lots of naps.
  • Pretty much went cold turkey. I did cut back to one cup of tea the Friday before. It’s best to cut back gradually over a week or two, but I just could not get that to work. I would cut back some and then jump right back up again to a higher dose of caffeine. Finally I just gave up on that and quit.
  • I drank some” joint and pain” tea from the local herb store. Contained white willow bark, which was the old-time “aspirin”
  • Followed a detox and cleansing diet. My chiropractor told me that caffeine is cleared through the liver, so anything you could do to help the detox process would help. I drank lots of vegetable smoothies and Iaso tea. Constipation can be an issue with caffeine withdrawal, but this combo kept me in good shape.
  • I used positive affirmations, like – I feel wonderful, now that I am caffeine free.

Yes I was tired for several days, but I am glad I finally gave up caffeine. I feel much better now.
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