How many minerals do you really need?


Truth about Organic Food In the old days, when all food was organic, the soil contained a good supply of minerals.

People eating those plants, that grew in the soil, got a good supply of  nourishing minerals.

These days, farming practices are different.  Plants are still sucking up minerals, when they exist in the soil, but people are only adding back a small handful of nutrients.

Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, think 10-10-10 fertilizer – is often enough to make the plants grow and look good. But something is missing. the minerals. If most of the minerals were sucked up by previous generations of plants, growing on the same plot of ground, how many minerals are actually contained in the food crop?

Humans not only need the major minerals like calcium, magnesium and the small list contained in many multi-vitamins, but trace minerals as well. There is some debate over how many trace minerals humans actually need for good health. Trace minerals are found in very small quantities, much less than say calcium. Some of them are important for good health.

Fertilizing the soil with organic methods like animal manure and green manures, helps to ensure a good supply of minerals in the soil.

As for me, I not only like to eat as much organic food as possible, I look for supplements that contain trace minerals. Coral Calcium is one such supplement.

Disclaimer: I do earn income from some of the products, linked from this site. If this interests you, please use the comment box below.
And here is anther tip, I always use sea salt, instead of regular table salt. One of the key differences; trace minerals. Of course you don’t want to overdo it on salt.


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