How To Sprout Raw Buckwheat Groats


Sprout Raw Buckwheat GroatsBuckwheat sprouts happen pretty quickly. A day or two is all you need to get tasty buckwheat sprouts.

First make sure you have hulled, raw buckwheat groats. Roasted buckwheat will not work, it must be raw.

Start by soaking the buckwheat groats in pure water for just one hour.

How To Sprout Raw Buckwheat Groats, Ep239

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Then rinse the buckwheat really well. A fine mesh metal colander works best.

Then spread the buckwheat around the edges of the colander, so it get air circulation.

Rinse and repeat every 4 hours. – rinse thoroughly and spread for air circulation.

You don’t want the buckwheat sitting in a lump, as it could get moldy. Make sure it has some air flow. Twice a day might be sufficient for rinsing, depending on temperature and humidity.

Check out the buckwheat sprout recipe here.

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