This ONE Insight Can Change Your Life (really)!


 alt= This is so dead simple, it’s not funny. Having a good balance of salt and water in your body is very important to vitality.

David Wolf talks to us about one of the most fundamental an important aspects of our nutrition.

Water and salt are primary to our nutrition. This is a simple way to improve your vitality.

This ONE Insight Can Change Your Life (really)!

Here’s the thing, if you’ve gotten rid of junk food like chips, crackers ,cookies and more. This eliminates a large amount of salt from the average diet.

People that like health-food might not be getting enough salt. And people who eat junk food, might  be getting the wrong kind of salt. Sea salt is vastly superior to regular table salt. Sea salt contains natural trace minerals, regular table salt does not.

Acid Alkaline Salt

Sea salt is also alkalizing as table salt is on the acid side of the chart. So consuming the right amount of sea salt can contribute to alkaline balance.

Quality sea salt is important. Go to your local health food store and browse the shelves. I found Hawaiian Red, which was really tasty. I also really like the taste of Himalayan sea salt. It was really fun exploring the different kinds of sea salt at the health food store.Mineral rich sea salt

I once went to a holistic MD, and he did some testing on me, and said I should eat more sea salt. So I added a little bit of sea salt in my diet and I felt better.

Too much salt can obviously be bad. Each person  has to decide for themselves how much salt is right. You might want to consult with your own personal health professional.

Here’s how I do it, Salt and Water Cocktail:

I just add a little bit of my favorite sea salt, I experiment with different varieties,  I just  sprinkle it into purified water.

If it tastes salty it’s too much salt. Use less. I mix it so I can barely taste the salt.

Funny note:
Was using the speech recognition technology on the Macintosh to type this post. My first sentence came out as below. Instead of – this is so dead simple.

– so dad simple


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