Laugh the Pounds Away, Laughter Workout


Laughter YogaSome really smart person once said, If you sweat and laugh each day, you are sure to live a long healthy life.

Both laughter and exercise have been praised for their health benefits, so combining the two could be a good idea.

This little yoga set does just that. The laughter part comes towards the end, the yoga postures get you ready.
Note: You need to know how to do the Breath of Fire Breathing Technique for this set. Learn it here.

Laughter Yoga, Sweat and Laugh with Kundalini Yoga

Sweat and Laugh in the Morning, or Anytime

This yoga set is a great way to start your day, or do it anytime. It beats a comedy sitcom after a hard day at work. If your relatives or co-workers are getting on your nerves, give this little exercise routine a try.

What if you don’t actually feel like laughing? fake it til you make it. Just give it a try. Laugh along with the people in this video. Before long you will feel much more cheery.

Yes the yoga teacher in this video may be dressed a little strange from what we may be used to here in the West, but she does a great job of teaching these exercises. check out her site at

Special thanks to Wake Forest Yoga

Yoga poses in this video

  • Stretch pose, good for the abs
  • Easy pose
  • Ego eradicator
  • Windmill
  • Relaxation pose
  • Side bending
  • And a few more, watch the video for the full scoop


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