Lots of Good Ingredient Ideas


Ingredient IdeasThis is the only planet with chocolate, so now we have another reason to save the earth.

You probably do not have all these ingredients on hand, but you can glean a lot of good ingredient ideas from this smoothie recipe.

Then when you create your own smoothie, you can add in some of these ingredients to enhance your smoothie experience. I will list the ingredients below. Parts 2 and 3 of this video are also below.

Chocolate Super Food Smoothie Recipe with David Wolfe – PART ONE

Smoothie Ingredient Idea List

  • Chocolate – cacao nibs or powder. A great addition to almost any smoothie recipe
  • Cinnamon – a small amount adds good flavor and has health benefits
  • Maca root powder – An excellent herb, look it up to find out all the great stuff it does
  • Cashews – adds healthy fat
  • Honey – adds some sweetness, avoid if you have blood sugar or yeast issues
  • Coconut oil – healthy fat, has medium chain triglycerides. Warm it slightly to melt
  • Hemp seeds – protein and omega 3 fat, ALA
  • Sea salt – helps adrenal exhaustion, contains  trace minerals – not regular table salt
  • Ginger root – popular anti-inflammatory
  • Cayenne – go easy, hot and spicy
  • Vanilla – be sure to get real vanilla, not artificial. Use just a small amount, otherwise it may overwhelm your drink recipe.
  • Aloe vera – I just got a nice aloe vera plant. It is easy to grow and handy to have around the house. Pay attention to how he fillets it in the video. David Wolfe says, “Activates Genius” Learn more about Aloe at Herbfest.net
  • Medicinal Mushroom powder –  Some mushrooms have some great properties
  • Spring water, coconut milk or some kind of green or herbal tea
  • Zeolite for detoxification

Chocolate Super Food Smoothie Recipe with David Wolfe – PART TWO

Chocolate Super Food Smoothie Recipe with David Wolfe – PART THREE


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