Repel Bugs with a Plant?


mosquito plantHere is a plant that grows easily and abundantly in most back yards, or even a pot.

Or you could just pick some up at the grocery store.

Which plant are we speaking of? Why Lemongrass of course. It is abundant in citronella, a natural mosquito repellent. Citronella is commonly used in many mosquito repelling products on the market.

Does the Mosquito Plant Really Repel Mosquitoes?


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mosquito plant explainationBugs of all kinds are already starting to flourish in many parts of the country. For me, DEET containing bug repellents are not an option. I am not about to spray that stuff on my body. Nor would I ever use any kind of chemical bug repellent.

The question many people ask is this; If I just plant a bunch of these in my backyard will they repel mosquitoes? Answer is probably not. However, if you harvest a bit of the plant, while out in your backyard and rub it on you body, you will get some citronella. Citronella is the main ingredient in bug repelling candles and torches.

A word of caution: with lemongrass, you want to use the lower, roundish part of the plant. Do not use the upper blades. Lemon grass is a grass plant. The upper leaves actually can get a bit sharp in a mature plant and could give you something like a paper cut.

If you have a campfire going, youmosquito plant could dump some of the dried lemongrass on the fire to help keep bugs away too.

There is a plant commonly called, “The Mosquito Plant”. It is actually scented geranium. Although scented geranium is a great plant to grow itself, it is not nearly as effective t repelling bugs. Lemongrass is much better at chasing off mosquitoes because of it’s natural citronella content.

The other great thing about lemongrass is that it can be used in cooking, smoothies and recipes.
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