Natural Flea and Tick Repellent, Spring is Here


Bug RepellentSpring is in the air and that means bugs.

When I saw this ladies shoes at Herbfest, I thought, wow, what is that?

Turns out, she had stuffed a few rosemary sprigs into her  shoelaces. Lavender has been known to repel ticks as well.

What a unique idea! Another great use for herbs.

Simple Trick for Repelling Fleas & Ticks

Ticks can carry some nasty diseases, like Lyme disease, so any strategy to keep them away is a good one.

And personally, I never did like spaying myself down with those chemical bug sprays, nasty stuff.

Most of the Lyme disease websites recommend spraying yourself with Deet. I’d rather not, do your own research and make your own choice, I’m not saying that Rosemary sprigs are as effective as Deet, not even close, but they are one natural option. There are other natural options available as well, such as natural sprays based on essential oils and plant compounds. Take a look around at your local health food store or do a search on the net.

So here is a quick little trick that can help keep ticks and fleas off of your body, stick a few sprigs of rosemary and lavender in your shoelaces next time you go out to the garden or for a hike.

It is also possible to make rosemary water. Place a few sprigs or rosemary in a large mug or bowl. Pour water, that is just below boiling over the rosemary and cover. Let sit for an hour. Then strain. You can use this mix to spray your pets bedding and other areas to help repel fleas.




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