Does This Natural Hangover Cure Really Work?


Natural Hangover CureIs this alkalizing superstar a good hangover cure?

According to studies, Asparagus contains compounds that can help the liver to detoxify the toxic effects of over alcohol consumption. See references below, and check out the video for details.

Not only are hangovers annoying, but they are harmful to the body and cause damage on the inside.

Natural Hangover Cure

Natural hangover cure

So this is very simple to implement, just each a bit of asparagus, before during and/or after a night of drinking.
asparagus hangover cureSo last night on the way to the Christmas party, I grabbed a bunch of asparagus from the grocery store. I ate a few sprigs of asparagus at the party. Seemed to work pretty well for me.
  • Bananas provide potassium, a helpful electrolyte
  • Drinking lots of pure water is probably the best thing you can do to prevent feeling crappy as a result of drinking too much. Drink water before, during and after the party.
  • Add a touch of sea salt to water to get trace minerals
  • Extra vitamin C especially the buffered type (calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate.)helps to detoxify the body and quench free radical damage.
  • Green drinks are great for providing enzymes and antioxidants. My favorite choice, freshly made green juice, made from a variety of leafy greens, with a tad of carrot or beet for sweetness. Green smoothies are the runner up, followed by greens powder based drinks.
  • Ginger tea is a classic for nausea. It is also a great anti-inflammatory. Alternatively add a piece of ginger to green juice or smoothie.
  • Milk thistle is a traditional herb for the liver.

Finally, be aware that some types of alcohol are more notorious for causing hangovers than others. Some beverages contain a lot of additives, like sugar, artificial flavors and colors just to mention a few…. These additives can add to the work the liver has to do, and slow down the detoxification process. This can make a hangover feel much worse and seem to last longer. Better choices are distilled clear liquors like, rum vodka and gin, also¬† organic wines

Just drinking less or not drinking at all may be the best hangover prevention of all.



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