Come On, Get Happy! 5 Amazing Super Foods to Beat Depression


Super Foods to Beat DepressionBoost your mood using FOOD of all things.

Your brain is a super important organ in your body and it needs good nutrition to function well.

Barbara Mendez shares with us the top 5 super-foods to help boost brain power and improve mood. I also have included a recipe that includes all 5 superfoods. Enjoy a brain boosting meal for dinner tonight.

5 Amazing Super Foods to Beat Depression!


Top 5 Superfoods for Brain Vitality and Happiness

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon or Sardines, great source of omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA.  Flax seeds are vastly inferior source of omega 3’s. They contain only ALA, which has to be converted by the body. happy food cashew bananaA very inefficient process, especially for people who are deficient in t other nutrients that are necessary for the conversion of ALA to DHA and EPA.
  • Nuts and seeds – preferably raw and organic. They contain nutrients that are building blocks for brain neurotransmitters. Also they contain B vitamins, which are essential for neurotransmitter production in the brain. Cashews are the best ever, as they contain niacin and tryptophan.
  • Ceylon Spinach and Leafy GreensBlack beans are a good source of folate, an important B vitamin. Depressed people tend to be deficient in folate. It is better to get folate from food, or a multivitamin formula, rather than taking a folate supplement by itself.
  • Yams, sweet potatoes and root vegetables – Excellent source or antioxidants, B vitamins and magnesium. All stuff your brain thrives on. Magnesium helps to promote calmness and lessen anxiety. Yams are grounding foods
  • Spinach and leafy greens. Super alkalizing and detoxifying. Keeping the body clear of toxins is super important for good brain health and function. Leafy greens are loaded with antioxidants and enzymes. Some of which science doesn’t even have a name for yet.
    Growing your own leafy greens in the back yard, is by far the best way to go. You can be sure they are organic and fresh. Freshness is the key to getting the most nutritional value from your leafy greens.

Chow down on one or all of these foods on a daily basis for superior brain function.

Brain Superfood Combo Recipe


  • Make a salad with leafy greens. Sprinkle with raw cashews
  • 4 oz serving of salmon
  • Side serving of black beans
  • 1/2 yam
  • Add additional veggies to the salad as desired, tomatoes, onions, broccoli etc…

This meal recipe idea contains all 5 superfoods! Serve it up for dinner tonight.

The brain is an important organ, take good care of it and it will take good care of you.

Warning, if you are on medication for depression, do  not stop or reduce medication without talking to your doctor first. We are not medical doctors and nothing we say should be considered as medical advice.

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