Organic Gardening Tip, Thinning Your Plants


Organic GardeningThe best, least expensive way to get locally grown, organic food is to grow it yourself.

This is how you can get the freshest food possible.

Container gardening is great for people, who do not have a big yard, or any space for a garden.

Also contianer gardening gives you more control over soil quality, fertilizer, watering and allows you to move the plants if sunlight or temperature needs to be varied.

Organic Gardening Tip, Thinning Your Plants

Thin Your Plants for a Bumper Organic Food Crop

Wild Plant 2In this video, I share an important gardening tip; Thin Your Plants. Whenever you scatter seeds, you are sure to get way more plants growing than you need. If too many plants try to grow in too small a space, they will all just be thin and scraggly. That’s were thinning comes in. You can eat the early thinnings just like you would sprouts.  – Assuming it’s an edible plant like lettuce or greens, you would not eat tomato or pepper plants for example, just the fruit.

The other way to thin, is to get another container, fill it with organic potting soil and/or compost and transplant some of the seedlings into it. Be sure to bring some soil along with the roots, you want to disturb the roots as little as possible. Water it in good.

You don’t have to thin all at once, you can do some every couple of days as the plants grow. The bigger they grow the more room they will need. When you give each plant some good root space, as well as space above the soil, they will grow to a good size and you will be happy with the crop.

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