Is Paleo Similar to the Alkaline Diet?


Alkaline Diet PaleoWe can’t drag a caveman over and test his pH.

There are a lot of folks getting good results with a Paleo way of eating.

That is, eating like a caveman; natural, organic and local.
No refined, boxed, canned or otherwise manipulated foods.

This audio gives us some great tips for following a Paleo style diet.

Practical Paleo Implementation with Diane Sanfilippo!

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Paleo Links

Confessions Of The Chief Cook & Bottle Washer On The Paleo Diet
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Similarities between Paleo Diet and Alkaline Diet

  • StPete Locally Grown Garden
    Garden Photo, Thanks to

    Lots of alkaline forming minerals, including trace minerals

  • Lots of plants, in most cases. All non-GMO or non-hybrid variety
  • Everything is locally grown
  • No such thing as a pesticide.
  • Minerals from bones
  • Any animal products consumed, – the animal ate a natural diet. No hormones or antibiotics. Better omega -3 fatty acid balance.
  • No refined acid forming foods
  • Lower in both natural and processed sugars.

Don’t Stress on your Eating Plan

Paleo and Alkaline Lunch FoodAn important part of succeeding on any diet is the mindset. Think of it as fun way to introduce new ideas. The audio shares mindset tips for getting your brain to come happily along on the Paleo eating plan. And they apply to the Alkaline Diet as well.
Compassion towards others makes a big difference.

Eating is a social event and needs to be enjoyed on an emotional level. Eating out with friends or family should be an enjoyable event, not a stress festival.

When you are relaxed and smiling, your food digests better and is less acid forming in the body. Stress is the biggest cause of acidity in the body, even more so than dietary choices.

Gardening is a Great Way to Get Locally Grown Vegetables

Container gardens can be started, even in small spaces. When you get outside and play in the dirt it is very invigorating and good for you. Why not team up with a friend to start a little  garden project. You can produce an a abundance of alkaline and Paleo friendly foods. A local community garden is another great idea.

Ask around at your local farmer’s market, or explore online to see if there are any gardening groups in your area.

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One thought on “Is Paleo Similar to the Alkaline Diet?

  • August 31, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    This program is mainly about eating free reign food i.

    That those those who uses this specific diet detects it a
    challenging activity while seeking for Paleo diet recipes which gives all
    of them a downside to following by means of. These can be made slightly more
    sweet with the addition of a small amount of honey.


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