Endless Energy at Age 80?


Spark Plug of Life Jay and Linda are up early and go strong all day long.

When others are lying on the couch watching TV, feeling drained from the day, they are out being active.

Jay is over 80 years old. He credits enzymes rich raw foods and juices for this abundance of energy.

Part 8a – Spark Plug of Life

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Live food, live body – dead food, dead body

  • Live foods are fresh, raw, vegetables, fruits and sprouts. They are still rich in enzymes. If you removed some of the seeds and planted them, they would sprout. If you try to store these foods, they will rot and decay over time.
  • Dead foods are cooked foods. Heat destroys enzymes. Anything processed, heated, pasteurized (store bought juice), boxed, or canned. These types of foods might have potentially limitless shelf life. Cooked foods require the body to use up more of it’s own enzymes.
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I’m not saying never eat cooked food. I like to have some raw vegetables or fruits at every meal. so if, I am having a steak, it’s rare and I have  a large salad with it. (eat under-cooked meat at your own risk.) Freshly made juice is a great source of enzymes. I also like smoothies too, made predominately with vegetables and occasionally some fruit.

Enzymes supplements are a convenient way to get more enzymes. If someone invites me to dinner for a large meal, I’m sure to take along EXTRA enzymes.


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