pH Miracle Authors Robert and Shelley Young on TV

Robert and Shelly Young
Robert and Shelly Young

I have been a big fan of Dr Robert Young and his wife Shelly for a long time.

They bring some great insight into the role of pH balancing when it comes to good health and weight loss.

What role does pH play in human health?

Hear what Dr. Young has to say about it in this video.

Alkaline Diet : Live On CBS News — Is Your Health At Risk?

About Blood pH

The body maintains blood pH in a very narrow range.It does everything it can to keep the pH of the blood in the proper range. Otherwise you are a goner.

The pH of other body fluids is sometimes sacrificed for the sake of the blood pH.

A Revolutionary way of thinking about health and disease.

Dr Young’s foundational theory, –  One sickness, one disease, one treatment.

Disease is an expression of states of imbalance.

How we feel has a lot to do with balancing our internal terrain.

Following the Alkaline Diet is the Foundation

Listen carefully to the foods that are recommended. I always like to look for ways to include new alkaline foods in my diet.


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