Pour on Alkaline Goodness, Mint Micro-Cilantro Chutney


Did you ever wish you had a yummy sauce that you could pour on your food to make it a more alkalizing meal?

Mint MicroGreens Cilantro Chutney can be the hit of the health nut party or even normal people who just want healthier options that taste good.

This sauce can bring a feeling of festivity and light to any celebration.

We decided to load this Chutney recipe with alkaline forming foods.

Check out the ingredient list below.

Look at how nice and green it is. Green equals chlorophyll and alkalinity.

The next best thing to living food.


In this meal we poured it over 3 different foods,

  • organic chicken,
  • sunflower shoot salad
  • gluten free crackers.

It tasted wonderful on all three. 

You could pour this sauce over just about anything, it is very versatile.

The mint came fresh from the garden, thankful to have it growing right in the backyard.

You might have to make a trip to the farmer’s market or grocery store to find your mint though.

It is pretty easy to grow in most areas, so try growing some mint next spring. It can even grow in a container on a windowsill.

Try different mints if you can find them in your area.Peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint, pineapple mint and more.

Thanks to SweetPeasUrbanGardens.com for the nutrition boosting micro greens, and backyard mint.

Simple to make

Basically place all the ingredients into a blender or Nutri Bullet. Blend well.

You can experiment with the amounts of ingredients to make it thicker or thinner.

Choose your favorite kind of hot pepper. Some like jalapeno others Habenaro. Put in a large enough piece to provide just the right heat level for you.

Try pouring this sauce on all kinds of different foods. Give us your feedback on how good it tastes. We want to hear from some people who can get experimental with food and taste buds!


Cilantro Microgreens

1/2 cup water
1 Lemon – juiced
Sea salt
1 cup Fresh mint leaves
1/2 banana
2 cloves garlic
small piece ginger
Hot pepper – to taste


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