Raw Fruits and Vegetables for pH Balance and Calcium


I have been a fan of George Malkmus, for many years.

I do not agree with everything he says, but the Hallelujah diet is great for pH balance and detoxification.

It does not hurt anybody to eat more organic fruits and vegetables.

Acid Alkaline Balance

Check out George in this video, here are a few of the things he has to say:

  • Acid alkaline balance within the body is extremely important
  • pH of human blood should be close to 7.4
  • When we eat raw fruits and raw vegetables, it leaves an alkaline ash
  • Animal products leave an acid ash
  • The body cannot function properly in a highly acidic atmosphere

An excess of animal products leads to excess acid in the body. The most abundant alkaline buffer in the body is calcium. Greens are some of the best sources of natural calcium.

There are countless people who have reported benefits, simply from increasing intake of raw fruits and vegetables, while eliminating some of the junk foods from their diet. Sometimes, just a few steps in the right direction can make a big difference in energy, vitality, well being and maintaining a healthy weight. Check out the produce section at your supermarket or visit your local farmer’s market. Better yet, get to know some of the gardeners and farmers in your area.  It also pays to learn how to grow your own food, even if it is a simple container garden on the patio, or in the back yard. I have one friend who even grew a garden on his sailboat.

Take a listen to George’s take on calcium and osteoporosis. Does the body resort to stealing calcium from the bones and teeth to buffer acids?
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One thought on “Raw Fruits and Vegetables for pH Balance and Calcium

  • September 14, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    My daughter is dealing with swelling around wrist
    sometime under her foot after eating Can you be off helP?


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