Is Red Meat Gonna Kill You?


Red Meat ScareIf you pay attention to traditional media, you might think so.

But, think again. There is a world of difference between most of the meat sold in many super markets,  served in many restaurants, –  and the more holistic, organic and naturally fed, grass fed beef.

We have all seen the stories, about studies that say, –  if you eat a lot of red meat, you have a higher chance of cancer, heart problems, or some other health issue. You might even die sooner. One problem though; These studies do not differentiate different types of meat. Grass fed meat, factory farmed meat, and processed lunch meats like hot dogs and bologna are all lumped together, and given the title of “Red Meat”.

It would be really cool,  if there were more studies that distinguish a difference between organic, grass fed beef, traditional beef and processed meats.

This might give us a better picture of the real impact of meat consumption on our health.

Is Red Meat Gonna Kill You? Quite an attention grabbing headline eh?

The Red Meat Scare: Get The Truth!


Less is More

Red meat is on the acidic side of the alkaline diet chart. To me that just means don’t eat a lot of it.  It’s not a toxic food. A little meat combined with a lot of vegetables, certainly leafy greens, can be an alkaline balanced meal.

Today’s Video About Red Meat

Stanley A. Fishman, is the author of Tender Grassfed Meat. He talks about the truth on red meat safety.

cows eating grassHe takes a hard look at the idea that consuming red meat causes heart disease and cancer and leads to an early death.

Stanley says you can’t believe these studies because you can’t believe something someone says just because they have a PhD and work at a university.

A good study would  control for variables such as exercise, smoking, or sugar consumption. And a control for processed meat.

Weston A. Price studied people who ate a diet of mostly wild game because they were too far from the ocean to eat fish and it was too cold for anything to grow except grass. They  lived in excellent health.
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