Relax Deeper than Sleep


RelaxationRestorative Yoga allows the body and mind to relax more deeply than sleep, a nap, or just plain relaxation.

And what could be simpler? Just lie down and rest.

Part of the secret is getting the body into a truly relaxing position. This can be achieved with the help of pillows and cushions.

The bigger secret though lies in breathe technique. Deep slow breathing is the key to getting the mind to quiet down.

Rest and Relax – DVD

Relax Deeper Than Sleep!

Price 14.99
Running Time 42 Min

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Rest and Relax Trailer

Rest and Relax is a 42 minute video.

Satisfaction Guarantee

It includes full instructions and a guided relaxation session.


The video teaches 5 relaxing poses, that just about anyone can do in the privacy of your own home.


Rest and Relax – DVD

Price 14.99

Buy Now


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